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nichigai/web serviceian annual flat rate basisj

  About nichigai/web service:
nichigai/web service is the internet-based subscription database service which provides the information regarding the magazine articles, the books, the prominent figures.

The key features of nichigai/web service are:

Based on an annual flat rate
The annual flat rate basis will make it easy to develop a budget year-on-year. Prices will vary as your usage pattern. Please check out the academic price list, here.


Available for literature search
nichigai/web service is the best database for learning how to do a literature search. The user interface is easy for students. It is also available for educational materials.


Support for IP address authentication
There are 2 methods of connecting to nichigai/web service;

@@ 1) IP address authentication

@ @2) User-ID password authentication

IP address authentication will enable you to connect to the database subscribed with just 1 click. No need to type your user-ID and password one by one. It is available on campus.


Optional Service on the magazineplus and the bookplus ifree of chargej
It is possible to provide linkage from magazineplus or bookplus to the results on your library's OPAC directly. For example, a searcher who finds an article or a book of interest on the databases will find details of library's OPAC. It also allows you to search for the results of WebcatPlus, J-STAGE, and JJRNavi automatically on the magazineplus. It is free of charge but intended for Site-License users or higher and IP adderess authentication users only.


Library guidance materials for the nichigai/web service ifree of chargej
We will offer you the library guidance materials for further use of the database in your library. Then we issue the free temporary user-ID, i.e., gthe guidance IDh, that is available for your guidance course.

Please note: The number of the guidance ID and the term of validity is limited. However, the additional guidance ID will be issued and the validity will be extended by request.
@For more information about the guidance ID, here. (Japanese only)

Terms and conditions (Rules) kENGLISHl
Price list iThe Academic pricej kENGLISHl
Order sheet kENGLISHl

The following link pages are written in Japanese only.

For the guest user
Price list
Order sheet & catalog
Terms and conditions (Rules)
License options
User authentication
Free tria request form
For the customer

The number of contents
Trouble-shooting (FAQ)
The guidance IDiFor the library orientationj
Training materialsiPDFj

For the library science education course
The orientation ID (For the library science education coursej

nichigai/web service contents

  @magazineplus@( List of Magazines included )
  The largest index database of magazines and papers in Japan

Link option 1iOPAC linkj
Link option 2iWebcatPlus linkj
Link option 3iJ-STAGE linkj
Link option 4iJJRNavi linkj
Link option 5iLink resolver linkj
Link option 6iRefWorks linkj

The catalog database of books from the beginning of Showa era
OPAC link option
An extensive amount of the bibliographic information of books in Japan
It enables you to search the database for records matching criteria established by the user.
  The database of the brief bio-bibliography of prominent figure
  A wealth of prominent figures' profiles and their bibliography
Offers academic price for universities and educational institutions
@Upper limit plan for WHOPLUS users of libraries, here (This plan sets a limit on the numbers of profile output).

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